Sunday, June 25, 2006


A friend politely took me aside at a party last night and told me about a typo in the Masticator heading at the top of this page (visionaries was missing an 'i'). How embarrassing! I have corrected it. Occasionally my stellar spelling ability loses the battle against my lightning-fast typing. To prevent such blunders from going unnoticed for so long, I propose a contest: find my typos and win a prize. E-mail me or comment on the error-ridden post.


Anonymous Andy said...

Well, um, actually, I always wondered about this sentence in the header: "It has seen only one print version, yea, but it was glorious."

Did you mean "YEAH, but it was glorious"? Sort of a casual, colloquially tossed-off "yeah"? If so, then it may be mispelled, as "yea" is a common mispelling of "yeah."

Or did you mean it is a sort of old-time version of "yes," as they use in oral voting? "Yea" can be a synonym for "indeed" or "truly" That wouldn't be mispelled, merely archaic. Maybe a little fussy, too, but in a more positive sense, it's almost Biblical: "It has seen only one print version, verily, but it was glorious!"

4:52 PM  

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