Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nebraska Well-Represented in New York

I found myself at an Irish bar in Hell's Kitchen last Saturday night, surrounded by crazed Nebraskans. I learned they gather there to watch football, University of Nebraska Cornhuskers football. New York truly has everything. The bar -- the "Irish Rogue" -- hosts these Nebraska Society of New York events frequently. I tried to find such a group for the University of Minnesota once. There was such a thing, but the website (which isn't nearly as slick as Nebraska's) hasn't been updated in three years. The link to the bar U of M sports fans appraently watched games was a dead end. How is it Nebraska's so organized and we're not?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe we should set up a new UofM appreciation group, but instead of watching sports (which very few of us appreciate I would imagine) we could watch PBS documentaries and talk about how stupid people from Nebraska are.

1:06 PM  

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