Saturday, January 06, 2007

It's Too Warm In Here

It's 70 degrees here in Brooklyn at noon Saturday. It's January, and that's a record.

It's a good forty degrees warmer than it is in the Twin Cities right now, and, inexplicably, far warmer than Sacramento, California's 37 degrees. Here are the current temperatures of the Masticator's friends in other parts of the world:

Barrow, Alaska: -20 (windchill: -40)
Houston, Texas: 64
Los Angeles, California: 56
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 35
New Orleans, Louisiana: 65

Copenhagen, Denmark: 43
Edinburgh, Scotland: 43
London, England: 46
Moscow, Russia: 36
Sydney, Australia: 70

New York is warmer than almost anywhere in the world that I know people.


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