Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Features

I've added a couple new features to the blog. One is a CATEGORIES section in the sidebar -- you'll see it below the ARCHIVES. Realizing that there are a number of subjects that I write about frequently, I have begun to label my posts with simple terms like "art," "cars," and "books." clicking on these links will bring you to a page of all of the posts I've labelled under these headings. I've begun going back through my 300 or so posts to label the old ones.

The other new feature is a world map counter. Check it out -- it's below everything else on the sidebar on the right. It tracks the locations of all the visitors to this blog and maps them. It's amazing. If you click on the map you can see a larger version. It tells me some of what I already know -- that I have readers in the Twin Cities, New York, and London -- but also some things I didn't know: who are my readers in what looks like it might be Kansas, Tennessee, and Toronto? And wait a minute, is that really London? It looks more like Amsterdam judging by the position on the map.

And I'm seeing some locations missing -- some friends aren't reading. They will be dealt with. The Masticator is watching.


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