Monday, May 14, 2007

Ralph Burnet's Luxury Art Hotel

"Art doesn't have to be an oil or goache or acrylic on canvas hanging on a wall. It doesn't have to be necessarily a sculpture that's in a sculpture garden. Art can be anything, as far as I'm concerned, that evokes some kind of an emotion."

That's Ralph Burnet, art collector and owner of the Chambers Hotel in Minneapolis. The Chambers website calls it "The country’s first luxury art hotel"; each room has a piece from Burnet's private collection.

Above, in the courtyard, is a sculpture called "A Couple of Differences Between Thinking and Feeling" by Angus Fairhurst (b. 1966) -- one of the so-called "Young British Artists" avidly collected by Burnet.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has a slide show, narrated by Burnet (from which the quote above was taken), about the hotel's art collection.

The New York Times travel section reviewed the hotel last January.



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