Friday, November 02, 2007

Another New York Test

Time Out New York has another one of its "Are you a true New Yorker" tests on its website. I've been here two years and alas, I am not a New Yorker yet. My score was:
Fresh off the boat. Or plane. Or bus. It doesn't really matter to us. You're still just a step above tourists in our eyes, walking too slowly and way too excited to learn about "secret" places like La Esquina. The good news: Most people from New York came from somewhere else. You'll get there if you stick it out.
At least I know what La Esquina is. But I didn't score well on some key items -- any questions having to do with bikes or cars don't apply to me here and the test is a bit Manhattan-centric. I don't have a favorite place in Central Park, but I do in Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Other questions, like the one about having a meal for two above $300 and the one about watching NY1 before work don't apply because I'm too poor for cable TV or eating out. I should get extra points for that.

And I've got a problem with the pizza here in New York City: it's crap. I've had better pizza in New Mexico. And better Chinese in Minneapolis. So there.

Take the test here.


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