Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Walker on Graphic Designer Peter Seitz

These images are from an excellent slide show at about the work of Minnesota graphic designer Peter Seitz. It's from an article called "Modernism in the Fly-Over Zone" by Andrew Blauvelt, the design director and curator of architecture and design at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

The top one is part of 1968 exhibit designed by Seitz for the Walker called "Mass Transit: Problem and Promise", and the next one is a series of cover designs for Control Data's CDC Learning System from 1978.

Here's what Blauvelt wrote about Seitz for the Design Observer article:
"Seitz arrived in Minneapolis in 1964 to become a designer, editor and curator at the Walker Art Center, a position I would occupy more than thirty years later. Educated in the legendary, radical design program in Ulm, Germany, Peter ventured to the United States in 1959 to obtain his graduate degree from Yale University. After the Walker, he went on to establish several successful design studios in Minneapolis, including probably the first truly multidisciplinary, collaborative design studio in the U.S., appropriately called InterDesign. He then taught for more than thirty years at MCAD, during which time he championed the use of the computer to help solve design problems as early as the 1960s."



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