Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last Night's Game at Shea Stadium

The haze you see under the lights is rain. The game was postponed, and a double header was scheduled for today to make up for it. At one point the rain paused long enough for the stadium staff to start taking off the tarp covering the infield, but as soon as it was removed, the rain started again, hard. Soon, it was coming down in sheets. When the game was finally canceled, some of the Texas Rangers came out on the field and slid head first on the slippery tarp covering the infield. That was all the action we got see.

You can see the new stadium -- Shea's replacement -- in the background above. It's built right up against the old one. The new stadium will have the creative, inspiring, and enduring name of "Citi Field." Maybe it's because I don't follow baseball, maybe it's because the Yankees eclipse all else in New York, but I had no idea the Mets were getting a new stadium. As you can see below, it's almost totally built. This is the team's last season at Shea.


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