Saturday, July 12, 2008

More Actors I Get Mixed Up

I have trouble telling Tobin Bell from Brion James. Both were in an excellent adaptation of a James Ellroy novel called Brown's Requiem; one (Bell) played a good guy and one (James) played a bad guy. Both tend to play bad guys though. They are veteran character actors who have been working very steadily for years.

They both have high foreheads, long noses, small mouths and sloping chins. Bell is on the left and James is right:

Brion James appeared in an episode of "The Waltons" in 1974 and an episode of "Gunsmoke" in 1975. But I think I know him best as a replicant in Blade Runner (1982).

Though he's about the same age as Brion James, Tobin Bell didn't appear in anything until 1988. He's probably most famous now for his role as the serial killer in the "Saw" movies.

And then there's Simon Baker and Scott Speedman. Like Tobin Bell and Brion James, both these British Colony blond pretty boys have appeared in James Ellroy adaptations. Simon Baker had a small role as a young actor in L.A. Confidential and Scott Speedman starred with Kurt Russell in Dark Blue (2002). I honestly though they were the same person for a while. Speedman is on the left and Baker is right:

Australian Simon Baker, 39, had a nice starring role in George Romero's 2005 zombie series installment Land of the Dead. Other than that, he tends to play romantic foils, as he did in The Devil Wears Prada.

The younger Scott Speedman, 32, was born in England and raised in Canada. Sadly, "Dark Blue" may have been his high point so far, but he's best known for his role in the girly TV show "Felicity."

See also my post on how Harry Hamlin, David Keith, and Robert Wuhl are not the same person.



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