Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Palin Fakes

I first spotted the fake Sarah Palin in-patriotic-bikini-with-rifle photo on Paper Magazine's Fashion Schmashion blog. At first, I prayed it was fake. Five minutes later, I prayed it was real. Is it not the perfect Sarah Palin nightmare fantasy for liberals?

One friend said "It's hyperreal. It's the body politic served up like a commercially prepackaged masturbation fantasy."

Alas, it's phony. The Kansas City Star's Prime Buzz blog (Thanks for the link, Nazli) tells the whole story. John Hawkins at Right Wing News may have been exaggerating when he said "I probably just saved two days' worth of stories on the Daily Kos that would later be picked up by the New York Times and Keith Olbermann," but not much. The left is dying for something like this. But then, so is much of the right.

See more Palin fakes at


Anonymous Col. Pickering said...

As I have said before, Sarah Palin was brought into this campaign to access a particular medium -- one that was not available to John McCain (strictly mainstream media) and one that has only been tapped on a limited basis by Obama (i.e. text msg: B for Prez 4eva!). Palin is not the message itself. The substance of her is irrelevant to the campaign strategy of acquiring voters. The Republicans are know for using advertising techniques commonly employed in other arenas. The same ones that focus only on "touches" with prospective buyers that simply put the product in the buyer's field of vision over ads that tout a product's features or characteristics. With this strategy, even bad press is better than no press at all and press "off topic" (not about her as a candidate) simply doesn't matter. Palin is a tactic. And she is burning up the TV, magazines and, most importantly, the internet:

11:10 AM  

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