Thursday, June 04, 2009

Further Proof That America is Crumbling

This breaking medical alert from a Yahoo fashion and beauty page: "Why not to wear skinny jeans: nerve damage." OMG! That's like frightening. According to Yahoo, which is according to MSNBC and CBS,
"One skinny jean wearer, Parmeeta Ghoman, went to her doctor because it felt like she was like 'floating' and she couldn't like feel her legs. 'It felt really, like, strange — it felt like my leg had gone to sleep,' says Ghoman. Another woman from this CBS report said her jean pain was so bad that her doctor now has her taking anti-seizure medicine to control her symptoms."
(All likes mine, inserted for realism.)

“I’m the kind of person who buys shoes two sizes too small just because they’re cute — and they’re on sale,” admitted the hapless Ghoman.

But wait, there's more! Says MSNBC, "And in the 1970s, rumors circulated of snug jeans causing infertility in men and yeast infections in women." Somebody should do something.



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