Friday, June 09, 2006

Jheri Curl

The Village Voice has an article that chronicles the history of the Jheri Curls, "one of the earliest, most violent, and best branded of the Dominican gangs of Nueva York." Yes, they all had curls -- usually shaved down on the sides and "long and greasy on top." They made millions a year selling cocaine in the Washington Heights neighborhood in the 1990s.

When cops pulled the gang leader's younger brother over on the Triborough Bridge in the summer of 1991, they managed to find his stash:
"To get access to his car's secret compartment, according to prosecutors, you had to proceed through an elaborate ritual: Turn on the car lights. Press the brake pedal. Connect two points under the dashboard with a coin. Only then would the chambers unlock on either side of the backseat."
That's impressive. So how the hell did they find it? Informant.


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