Saturday, July 08, 2006

David Lynch's Weather Reports and Ringtones

Every day, or almost every day, movie director David Lynch records about a minute of low quality video -- it's the Daily Weather Report with David Lynch. He sits in a room, maybe his kitchen, and announces the weather in Los Angeles.

"Good morning, it's July seventh, 2006, and it's a Fri-dee. Here in LA, beautiful blue skies, golden sunshine, a soothing, cooling breeze; seventy degrees Fahrenheit, twenty one Celsius. A question for the blog page: if two dog houses are on fire, and dogs die, should one automatically set fire to a third dog house and destroy it?"

He has a blog on his website that he uses to pose questions -- he calls it Interesting Questions. They're not all non sequiturs like the last one. He seems obsessed with 9/11. A dozen of the last questions have to do with the attacks. Another asks about credit card debt.

These are not the bizarre philosophical questions you'd expect from Lynch. But people respond. Since he posted his dog house question yesterday morning, fifteen people have commented. Someone calling himelf Pikeman Urge responded at about 2AM Pacific time:
You know, at first I thought it was a totally stupid and annoying question: Lynch trying to be cryptic but failing miserably. But I should have given him more credit. As I read mrfist126's comment I understood that Lynch was obviously making an analogy with 1, 2 and 7 World Trade (NYC).

So the 9/11 issue isn't going away just yet! Lynch is obviously perplexed about Silverstein's decision to "pull" WTC building 7. I mean, you can't just neatly demolish a building of that size in one day...
So maybe it is 9/11 related.

Lynch recently began selling ringtones on his website. That's right, ringtones. Until now, I've thought that people were insane to spend money on a repeating noise. No more. I can't figure out how to buy them, but what price is too much to have David Lynch yelling "What the hell? Damn! WHAT THE HELL? " Or my favorite, a falsetto voice shreiking "my teeth are bleeding! My teeth are bleeding! My teeth are bleeding!" Lynch also has wallpaper for your desktop.


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