Saturday, February 10, 2007

Recent Bus Plunges

From the news, three bus plunge stories, lovingly extracted from Internet news sources and whittled down to their most essential parts, and then rendered as poetry by way of stanzas:

A school bus carrying 43 students

Plunged 40 feet off the side of a highway overpass

In Huntsville, Alabama

Killing at least three students.
[from CNN.]

Thirteen were killed and 40 injured

In Indian Kashmir when

A bus plunged into a river

On the way to the city of Doda from Kishtwar.
[from the BBC.]

In China’s Hunan Province

A kindergarten bus flipped into a ditch

Killing the driver and

Six children;

The teacher couldn’t be found.

The same day

In the same county

A three-story building collapsed

Killing two children and four parents

Who rented space in the building for school

Because it was closer to home.
[from Shanghai Daily]


Blogger leinenkluegel said...

so sad, yet so beautiful.

8:23 PM  

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