Thursday, February 15, 2007

Steve McQueen's Personal Collection

Last November, there was an auction of the late actor Steve McQueen's estate. The auction, held at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles by Bonhams and Butterfields, consisted mostly of vintage motorcycles. But there was a bit of ephemera, too. This Mastercard, unsigned by Mr. McQueen, was sold for $8,500. Other such items sold included a Suzuki Service Card (sold for $650), a Pan Am luggage tag ($1,700), a Rolls Royce Owner ID card ($4,000), a "mailgram regarding John Wayne" ($1,600), and a "collection of miscellaneous paperwork Various Sizes" ($3,250).

There were personal items, too. A pair of McQueen's sunglasses sold for $60,000 and what looked like a ripped and stained t-shirt (with the Stunts Unlimited logo) sold for $3,250.


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