Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Toward a More Inclusive Kama Sutra

What is a progressive lover to do with an ancient, out-of-touch document that would "enshrine sexism, ageism, abilitism, and looksism"? What follows is an excerpt from something my friend Jon Spayde wrote for the Utne Reader back in 1996 called "The Politically Correct Kama Sutra."

As Jon writes, "the need for a Kama Sutra that is in line with a postpatriarchal, postcolonial, postgender, and perhaps even postcoital world has become painfully apparent."

I don't think anything's changed in 11 years. Here's a taste:

The Shamefaced Tiger

The man encircles the woman's left arm with his left hand and, raising his right hand in the mudra of Supplication, proposes Union. The woman clasps him around the neck and utters the formula of Acquiescence, biting his earlobe with the Bite of Brahma. The man's loins grow warm with desire, which as it mounts to his Heart chakra is transformed into an awareness of the history of female subjugation. Rising toward his Eye of Wisdom, the energy deepens into consciousness of his own role in institutionalized sexism. Subtilizing more and more, the energy leaks through the top of his head as pure Awareness of Patriarchal Thought Structures. His eyes widen in the Face of Remorse and his lingam withers. This may be repeated as often as necessary.
See also "The Howler Monkey Embrace and the Bull Elephant Embrace" and "Leave the Rabbit Alone." Read the whole thing here.


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