Friday, October 05, 2007

Finally: A Magazine For Prudes

New! From the people who fight to cover cleavage on women's magazine covers in supermarket checkout lines and edit popular movies for religious family consumption, a magazine for the modest girl who doesn't necessarily have to be a Mormon: ELIZA.

"Why isn't there a fashion magazine without nakedness that still has great photography and beautiful models?" asked Mormon model Summer Bellessa. And so she started one. The 3,000 circulation magazine's board is made up of religious prudes of Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, and Protestant faiths.

Writes Deirdre Fulton in an article for The Phoenix called "Prudish Publication Makes Its Debut":
"A casual reader may see the rail-thin model on the cover (who also happens to be Eliza’s editor, Summer Bellessa), in combination with inane feature articles such as “Get Your Yoga Om,” and think this is just another Cosmo knock-off. But it’s more than that — it’s Bellessa’s answer to today’s female fashion choices, which this member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints perceives as provocative, skimpy, and tacky. One senses that the Utah-based Eliza crowd feels the same way about modern female behavior in general."
Predictably, Eliza's fashion features consist of more and more layers, plenty of contour disguising, hot-weather-be-darned layers.

The magazine is quarterly for now, and a year subscription costs $13.97. Editor Summer Bellessa and her magazine have been covered on Fox News, Good Morning America, and Newsweek.



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