Friday, November 30, 2007

Here's That Bacon You Were Asking For

Some of youse folks had asked for some Bacon.



Anonymous Col. Pickering said...

This gruesome painting (Figure with Meat) shows up in 1989's Batman directed by lover of all things nightmarish (regardless of holiday) Tim Burton. While defacing pieces in the Gotham City museum, the Joker tells Bob the Goon "I kinda like this one, Bob. Leave it." Prince's "Partyman" plays in the background.

Personally, I can only look at the painting as I would an eclipse. If I do look directly at it, I do so for only a few seconds, fairly sure that I've scarred my retinas. (I know...I know I could fashion a pinhole projector.)

Not being an educated art viewer, when I look at this painting I see that other depraved butcher, Michael Myers (of Halloween movie fame), and not Pope Innocent X. Well, Michael Myers with a shriner's hat.

11:39 AM  

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