Thursday, January 17, 2008

David Lynch on iPhone

This 30 second video may or may not have originated in the extra features on Lynch's DVD of Inland Empire. Where ever it comes from, it has been circulating the web and blogs with abandon this week.

While he's not talking about the iPhone specifically -- he says telephone with such shock that it sounds like he's talking about an improbable future -- what other phone plays movies so well?

It's almost a surprise to me to hear David Lynch get upset about people watching movies on tiny screens because he has embraced video over film in moviemaking so wholeheartedly. He was outspoken about the freedom a video camera gave him in making Inland Empire.

What it tells me is that it's content that people thirst for. It's information and entertainment. People care less about where they're getting their stuff, and more about getting it no matter where they are.


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