Monday, February 04, 2008

It's Fashion Week Again

Feel an extra chill in the air? It's Fashion Week again in New York, a time when names are dropped from loftier heights and noses reach more radical angles. When Anna Wintour sightings are rampant. When low-level fashion writers can feel like bigshots because they can use the press line and pass all the ticketed wealthy men and women of leisure.

Here are a couple of hazy snapshots from the John Varvatos show on the 49th floor of 7 World Trade Center. It's the first building on the site to be rebuilt, and until the top five or so floors are rented out, it's a party site. The view is jaw-dropping. The photo below shows the Woolworth Building with one of the bridges -- I think it must be the Manhattan Bridge -- in the background.

Like the Perry Ellis show I went to last Fashion Week, I was stunned to discover that what I thought was five different models changing outfits six times was actually 30 different models who looked like five sets of clones.

The show was well-attended, but because of the high location, a few people started a rude dash for the elevators when they thought the show was over. It wasn't yet. That's the downside of holding a twenty minute fashion show on a high floor.



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