Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quote of the Day: Insecure Actor vs. Scientology

"I studied there briefly when I first moved to L.A. It was no secret what they were about at the Playhouse but they weren’t overt about it. Until they were. After I’d been there for a while I was pulled aside one night by one of the 'ethics officers' and informed that Milton believed that what was holding me back in my work and, by extension, my career could best be addressed by a course or two at the Celebrity Centre. Marveled by their deft playing of my ambition against my insecurities I said, 'Wow.' Ya had to hand it to them, they were good. I never went back."
The above quote is from an unnamed actor who spoke to the New Yorker's Dana Goodyear for her January 14 article on Scientology. The article focused on Scientology's Hollywood "Celebrity Centre."

The anonymous actor took a class at the Beverly Hills Playhouse with Milton Katselas, an acting teacher who apparently works hard to help recruit struggling thespians for Scientology.

In her New Yorker blog, Goodyear wrote that she was disturbed to find a copy of the Celebrity Centre's magazine, Celebrity, in her home mailbox after her article came out. "I never gave anyone at the Church of Scientology my home address," she wrote.


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