Friday, July 18, 2008

Car Sounds

Every once in a while, New Yorkers need to get out of the City. When Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vauz designed Central Park in 1857, part of America's first landscape design contest, the object was to create a public green space for those without the means for summer homes in the country. A refuge in the midst of the bricks and cobblestones. A few years later, the two designed another giant park -- Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Those of us who have no access to automobiles must be content to walk to the parks when we need to relax and enjoy green traquility.

But what if something else is missing? What if the subway and the walking and the taxis start to get to you? Where does a lover of cars and the sound of barely restricted exhuast systems go?

The Internet. Whenever I hear the sweet throaty rumbles of these vintage Ferraris, I smile to myself contentedly:

On the go and without a phone that can access YouTube? Try Porsche's engine sounds downloads for mobile phones. My favorite is either the Carrera GT or the RS Spyder.



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