Monday, April 27, 2009

Air Force One Conspiracy Theories

My best conspiracy theories about the 747 and fighter jets that buzzed downtown Manhattan on Monday:
1. It wasn't Air Force One (or the plane that magically becomes Air Force One when the President is on board), it was a commercial plane that actually was under threat of hijack. The fighter planes were escorting it away from New York because it was carrying explosives, bioweapons, nukes, etc. The crew averted disaster but there was still danger.

2. A photo op? Who are they kidding? If you want a picture of Air Force One flying near the Statue of Liberty, you make one -- with Photoshop. Actually staging the shot is not only costly, it also is way too dramatic. Something else was going on. Like a test that couldn't happen anywhere else.
Now the Washington Post is saying that someone (maybe White House Military Office Director Louis Caldera) may get fired for approving the flyover, which Bloomberg says costed $329,000.

Anyone else have any theories about what was really going on?



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