Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Nuts 4 Pot

This map, found on, is allegedly a school project. Writes its creator, "i am doing this for mr demallo class becase he wants us to learn how to use the internet so any way i decided to tell the class about all the nuts cart people who i now also be sellin pot."

One nut cart, which appears to be on the Upper West Side, is described thus:
Squirrely Johnson

"This guy is from Nigeria and he told me once he got away from some cop that was chassing him by runnin in weird circles like a squirrel and when the cop tried to grab him he only got his jacket like how sometimes when you grab a squirrel by the tail the tail pops off. So he says everybody calls him Squirrely Johnson i guess his last name is Johnson. He some times has dimes for not too much but you have to buy nuts first."
(via Thrillist)



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