Friday, May 19, 2006

Molecular Mixology

The New York Times had a long article about science applied to mixed drinks -- the Times calls it "molecular mixology" -- producing things like leather-infused bourbon, "a 'rum and Coke' made of rum powder from a flavoring company and soda-flavored Pop Rocks, for fizz," and using a class-4 laser to burn the essence of a vanilla bean onto a wine glass's surface before filling it with wine.

I've long been a connoisseur of bizarre beverages, and I've done a bit of experimenting with cocktail concoction. My greatest triumph was the Harrytini, a vodka martini with a green Chartreuse-soaked sugar cube -- until I found an alarmingly similar drink on the web, inexplicably named the Harry Denton Martini.

My newest creation: The Dexatrini, a martini with a Dexatrim Max2-0 effervescent tablet as the garnish. It's mixed berry flavor. Now you can combine the euphoric effects of alcohol with the weight loss benefits of Dexatrim. Go ahead, have another -- it's ephedra-free.


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