Sunday, July 16, 2006

Soba Shochu

I've a new kind of soba beverage -- Soba Shochu. It's a low-alcohol (25%) Japanese liquor distilled from buckwheat. Last week I found Soba Cha, or, buckwheat tea (and I blogged about it here). Back in June, I found a Korean liquor called Jinro (which I blogged about here); Soba Shochu is basically the Japanese (and buckwheat) version of Jinro. Both are tasty in the way a watered-down, mildly sweet vodka would be tasty. It's supposed to be used as a mixer or over ice.

And I thought that was it until I found this website that said this about soba shochu:
The greatest content of Urokinase enzyme that helps human body healthy.
  • Prevent blood clots.
  • Prevent heart diseases.
  • No Hangover.
So, taste the smoothness and enjoy the sensational moment. And get the health benefits of Sobashochu.
Why am I not drinking this all the time?



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