Monday, October 15, 2007

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With newspapers and magazines struggling to find a way to attract ad dollars to their print divisions and scratching their heads over making money on the web, will advertisers cut out the middleman?

As Nike's corporate vice president for global branding and category management Trevor Edwards told the New York Times yesterday, "We're not in the business of keeping the media companies alive. We're in the business of connecting with consumers."

Is this the future of media content production on the Internet? Refrigerator maker Sub-Zero has raised the profile of its wine blog by commissioning novelist Jay McInerney and restaurateur Lora Zarubin to contribute as guest bloggers. Both McInerny and Zarubin write columns for House & Garden.

If a damned fridge maker can get regular people who aren't necessarily in the market for a new appliance to come to its website, it's really pulled something off. If I bookmark the Sub-Zero Wine Blog, etching the brand into my consciousness, maybe it's the first company I think of when I am in the market for a new appliance.

But more upsetting to the status quo, what if the media companies lose the race to monetize the web? We may be getting all of our entertainment from wholly sponsored sources.


Blogger k said...

The middle man is a transaction cost that should be eliminated whenever possible. Advertiser should look to move their products as efficiently as possible and if that means a newspaper or magazine, great. If it means direct to the consumer at a lower cost over the long run, fine as well.

Check this:

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