Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween in New York

The Halloween costumes I saw on the A train between 59th Street-Columbus Circle in Manhattan and Jay Street-Borough Hall in Brooklyn:

Bjorn Borg-esque tennis player
Newspaper reporter with pump shotgun
Race car driver with pharmaceutical sponsor jumpsuit
A pack of young women whose colorful miniskirts and makeup suggested "prostitute"
A young black girl with a blond wig and princess costume
The Joker from the last Batman movie
Sarah Palin
A girl whose glasses were more Tina Fey than Sarah Palin but may have been aiming for Palin anyway
Another Sarah Palin (her costume elicited a double-take and a "daaamn" from a homeless man)
A man in a suit and tie wearing a Mexican wrestler mask
Countless women in various scantily-clad renditions of everyday jobs
People with blood all over them
A doctor in scrubs and surgical mask
Charlie Chaplin
Groucho Marx
A flamingo
A man in a wig, glued-on mustache and colorful outdated suit and tie
Various people who were with people in costumes, but not in (obvious) costumes themselves
A wolfman with fuzzy claws bursting out of his sneakers


Blogger Screaming Annie said...

And, masticator, what were you dressed as?

4:12 PM  
Blogger The Masticator said...

I dressed as a slutty milkman. You gotta spice up a costume, you know?

1:40 PM  

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