Sunday, November 09, 2008

Quote of the Day: Ted Nugent

“Free-range chicken ain’t free and that ain’t no range. Venison is free-range. Pheasant is free-range. The almighty Ruffed Grouse is free-range. I’m free-range. Chickens are incarcerated. . . . If it can’t get away, it ain’t free-range and I ain’t interested.”
That's Ted Nugent, aka 'The Motor City Madman,' in his 2002 game cookbook Kill It and Grill It (as quoted in the New York Times Book Review last week. Nugent has a new book out, Ted, White, and Blue, which was at number eight on the nonfiction bestseller list.

While the always colorful (and, interestingly, life-long drug- and alcohol-free) guitarist Ted Nugent never sang on the first (and best) albums bearing his name, he has a way with words. "Praise and braise the flesh!" he writes in the introduction to KIll It and Grill It. "Wild game meat has no equal. Tribe Nuge has not bought domestic flesh since 1969, and the quality of our average meal is nothing short of awe-inspiring."

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