Thursday, December 06, 2007

These Good Grades Brought to You By:

This whimsical little number is an actual public school report card from Florida's Seminole County. According to Advertising Age, McDonald's chipped in the $1,600 printing cost for the report card jackets, which contain a Happy Meal coupon for kids who get A's, B's or have good attendance. Says Susan Linn, the director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood:
"Lots of companies advertise directly in schools, but I think McDonald's has taken this to an all new low by advertising on report cards. ... It bypasses parents and targets children directly, [telling them] that doing well in school should be rewarded by a happy meal."
The district used a Pizza Hut ad for years until that company pulled out.


Anonymous Jenny said...

Sydney (Nate's daughter) is required to read and test on three A.R. (Accelerated Reader) books each quarter. For every additional book she reads and tests on, she receives a coupon for a personal-size pizza from Pizza Hut.

We gave her a high five, they gave her three pizzas.

The catch: The student is the only one allowed to use the coupon and must be present at the time of purchase. Only one coupon per visit.

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