Sunday, December 09, 2007

Giant Menorah Season is Back in Brooklyn

I've seen "Mitzvah Tanks" roaming the streets of both Manhattan and Brooklyn this year. They are basically just rental RVs filled with excited Hasidim blaring Chanukah music.
The Caton Avenue overpass crossing the Prospect Expressway always has a huge menorah with propane lanterns this time of year.
But this evening, Sunday, a big group of Hasidim (and gawkers) surrounded the menorah for an outdoor service. Mitzvah Tanks and cars with menorah roof racks were double and triple parked on the overpass.

For giant menorah coverage elsewhere in Brooklyn, see the McBrooklyn blog's entry on the big menorah lighting at Brooklyn Borough Hall.

My Chanukah giant menorah coverage from last year:
One Big Minnesota Menorah
Giant Menorah Count: 7
I can tell by the white hot flare of propane that it's: CHANUKAH: DAY FOUR
What's that giant thing on the overpass with the propane lanterns? Must be Chanukah.


Anonymous nice shot! said...

nice picture you have there of the Menorah by day!

11:48 PM  

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