Monday, November 24, 2008

Revenge of the Lizard People

25-year-old Lucas Davenport of Bemidji, Minnesota -- not John Sandford/Camp's protagonist from the Prey series of thrillers -- is claiming the above ballot was his. Davenport, if that is his real name, says he wrote in Lizard People as a joke. The ballot has apparently been rejected as a vote for Al Franken, even though Franken was checked for senator and the write-in clearly was not.

Now Davenport's ballot has become national news, with mentions in Hardball with Chris Matthews and the Wall Street Journal. And Gawker has taken to calling all Democrats "Lizard People."

Who are the Lizard People? According to Minnesota Public Radio,
"Lizard People refers to the conspiracy theory there's a race of shape shifting lizards masquerading as humans who rule the world, but Davenport doesn't consider himself a believer."
In a list of the best conspiracy theories about a year ago on, the Lizard People made the cut:
Lizard-People Run the World

If a science fiction-based religion isn't exotic enough, followers of onetime BBC reporter David Icke believe that certain powerful people — like George W. Bush and the British royals — actually belong to an alien race of shape-shifting lizard-people. Icke claims Princess Diana confirmed this to one of her close friends; other lizard theories (there are several) point to reptilian themes in ancient mythology. And let's not forget the '80s TV show V.

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